I'd describe myself as an old soul, a deep feeler and thinker who's endlessly fascinated and curious about life. I adore being a photographer - there's truly no other place I'd rather be than with you on your wedding day, capturing the beauty and love in your life. 

I never sought out to be a photographer - it was one of those 'photography found me' situations. It began in 2013 when I moved to BC from Ontario and found it impossible to live in such a gorgeous landscape and not capture the beauty of it all. I started documenting hiking trips I went on with my friends, photojournalistic style, and over the years one thing became abundantly clear to me:

The landscape was undeniably breathtaking but what captivated me the most was witnessing the emotion one would experience along the way of the journey itself.

To capture the experience of another so they can not only see the beauty of themselves but also the beauty of their experience brings immense joy to my heart.

"Photos are truly magical. They're reflections of our heart and remind us of who we were, how we loved, and of those we cherish most. They enable us to see our lives from the outside in and that's a remarkable gift."

Unposed and full of LOVE. 

Your story. Exactly as you live it.