Vancouver Island Wedding | Duncan, BC

When I think back on this lovely little Vancouver Island wedding my heart fills with gratitude and what I can only describe as one of the most beautifully intimate weddings I’ve ever photographed. The amount of thought and care that went into this day made it extra special and warms my heart so much. It reminds me of the saying ‘it takes a village’.

All of the florals, the food, the ceremony music, the cake, the table setting and the venue itself were lovingly created and provided by family. Hannah, the beautiful bride, also wore her paternal Grandmother’s gold jewelry as both her something old and her something borrowed. Even the handkerchiefs that gently caught their tears during the touching ceremony were hand sewn by Hannah’s maternal Grandmother.

Truly every part about this intimate Vancouver Island wedding was special and unique in every way.

Hannah had reached out to me several months prior because her friend had recommended me to her as I’d photographed her wedding in Vancouver the previous fall. As soon as we met it felt as though we were long lost friends. Hannah is one of those beautiful souls that you feel you’ve known all your life. Her energy is so warm and welcoming and we’ve been friends ever since.

Rob is also one of the most kind humans I’ve ever met and together they truly epitomize the definition of a loving partnership. Not to mention that both of their family’s also have the most welcoming and caring hearts. The apple doesn’t fall far in this family.

I don’t think anyone’s eyes stayed completely dry throughout this day (except for maybe the two little kiddos) because mine certainly did not. In fact to have not become emotional and to have kept dry eyes would have been a nearly impossible task.

I’ll forever have fond memories of Rob and Hannah’s quaint and sentimental Vancouver Island wedding day and witnessing the incredible beauty of it all will remain in my heart forever.